World’s Best Chefs on Creativity, Leadership and P…

“For me, passion is working 15-hour days and humbleness is waking up thinking you know nothing.” Albert Adria.

How does Andoni Aduriz get inspired, what’s on Albert Adria‘s mind when he wakes up, what keeps Ana Ros cooking?

If you’ve ever wondered what keeps some of the best chefs in the game and their insatiable pursuit of creative excellence and their unique vision, dip into Rahim Kanani‘s newly published;  A Wealth of Insight: The World’s Best Chefs on Creativity, Leadership and Perfection, to discover the answers to this trio of questions as well as dozens of other fascinating insights into the workings of a chef’s mind.

This is a very original guide profiling nearly 45 of the world’s best chefs in digestable bite size sections allowing food fans to dip in and out of their favourite chefs thoughts.  A chapter is devoted to each culinary icon, as author Kanani reveals what makes them tick and how the elite reach the heady heights of perfection in the kitchen.

Ferran Adria has written the forward and calls it “an authentic panorama covering every corner of the world, Kanani documents all the innovation systems developed in the workshops and kitchens of the most outstanding chefs of the moment, ranging from the most holistic approach to the purely artistic.”

“ You dream about perfection and are always on the hunt, but you curse the day you find it because this is the day you must stop cooking.” Ana Ros

Kanani was inspired to write the book after being “woken up” to chef’s creativity during an hours-long tasting menu of “pure discovery” at minibar by Chef José Andrés in Washington DC. “It was my first experience at a restaurant designed and built for gastronomes, and one that was revered worldwide for its creativity and innovation … I walked away with a sense of wonder and curiosity not just about the world of cuisine, but about life.”

Inspiration can come from a word, a gesture, a glance, an emotion, a technique or an ingredient. When you are trained to discover beauty, you can find beauty in everything. Andoni Aduriz.

It’s with that awe and wonder in mind he gives free reign to the chefs to really tap into their early childhood memories, early experiences and culinary philosophy.

A Wealth of Insight is available for purchase here and would be a great read for chefs and foodies alike.

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