What is Skirret?

Even if they are easy to grow and delicious, some plants simply fall out of favor sometimes. Such is the case of skirret, a hearty plant that dates back to the Middle Ages and is said to have been popular with English royalty.

So what is skirret? Does anyone eat it today? Where can you find it? Fine Dining Lovers gives you an overview of this long forgotten plant in hopes of reviving its culinary uses.

What is skirret?

Skirret is a plant whose roots and stems are edible. The thin white roots, once cooked, possess a sweet flavor reminiscent of carrots and a texture similar to potatoes.

Its botanical name is Sium Sisarum and, according to the Telegraph, this plant originated in China but its use in Europe goes as far back as the Roman empire where it was prized for its natural sweetness.

Where To Find Skirret

Even today, skirret is not grown commercially. Gardening enthusiasts will find that it is a lot easier to grow it themselves.

Growing A Skirret Plant

Skirret is a perennial plant that does well in full sun or partial shade and benefits from damp soil. The seeds may be purchased online. Here is a nifty video with plenty of tips for growing skirret:

How To Cook Skirret

Skirret is just as versatile as potatoes or parsnips. It can be added to soups, roasted or parboiled and then sautéed with garlic and onions. Don’t worry about peeling it, as the skin will easily rub off once boiled.

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