The history and Recipe of this MidWest Classic

Sloppy Joes, the moist meaty sandwich offering the perfect combination of sweet, tangy, zesty and savoury flavours in every moreish mouthful.

From brunch time to dinner time these satisfying sandwiches are a great way of feeding a crowd, a finger food that the whole family loves and a tasty burger alternative.

Never tried one? The American classic of ground beef in tomato sauce in a burger bun has been a US comfort food for almost a century. Discover what’s been missing off your menu!

Where did Sloppy Joes come from?

The actual origin of this all American classic is a little hazy, although it’s most popular in the US’s Midwest.

Some believe this hearty sandwich hails from Sioux city in Iowa, when a  cook called Joe is though to have first created it in the early 1930s and where it remains a firm favourite.

Although others contest that the sloppy joe was actually born at Sloppy Joe’s bar in Key West, Florida while others think Sloppy Joe’s saloon in Havana actually claims the title.

What are sloppy joes made of?

Lean ground beef is the key ingredient, which is browned off and then simmered into a ragu type sauce in a crock pot or slow cooker with a host of ingredients like onion garlic, spices, stock, tomato purée, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, molasses until the rich and robust flavours have developed and seasoned to taste with salt and pepper.

Of course, you’ll need a delicious buttered and lightly toasted hamburger bun to house all those flavours, ready to pick up your handful of deliciousness – prepare to get messy!

Sloppy Joe Extras

Let your imagination run wild and spice up your Sloppy Joe or give it an extra dimension with a combo of any of your favourite toppings like BBQ, chipotle, jalapeno peppers or shredded cheese.

What can you eat with sloppy joes?

Alongside your sloppy joe serve up any of your favourite sides like the perfect fries, corn on the cob, potato salad, coleslaw, tater tots or pickles.

Feeding a crowd with sloppy joes

The dish is easy for feeding a crowd as the filling is so easy to make and the assembly even easier, plus it’s very economical.

To feed a crowd of 40 people you’ll need about 9lbs or 4kg of ground beef.

Sloppy Joe Recipe

Hungry now? Try whipping up your own mouth watering homemade sloppy joe with our easy recipe complete with a crispy hash brown topping.

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