The 11 Most Underrated Healthy Items to Order at M…

Are the Golden Arches are calling your name? Skip the famous Big Mac and chow down on these guilt-free, dietician-approved orders.

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Fast and furious

While nutrition experts will never endorse a daily drive-through run, they understand that sometimes you run out of time or other options. And that’s OK. It happens to all of us, dieticians included. Turns out, you can comb the menu and find a few diamonds in the rough. We asked the pros what to order when you don’t want to completely destroy your nutritional goals, and they gave us the following picks.

HamburgerCourtesy McDonald’s

A hamburger

Yup, the Golden Arches’ standard isn’t all that naughty on its own. It’s got 250 calories and eight grams fat, only three of which are saturated, so that’s still less than 20 percent of your recommended daily allowance (RDA), says dietitian Amy Shapiro, RD, owner of Real Nutrition NYC. And with 13 grams of soon-to-be antibiotic-free protein, this burger will tide you over until you’re less hangry and desperate. Find out what the 10 best-selling McDonald’s items of all time are.

Egg white delight mcmuffinCourtesy McDonald’s

Egg White Delight McMuffin

Breakfast is still the least popular drive-through meal, but the options have gotten a lot better. This yolkless wonder totals less than 300 calories, and you get a bit of extra protein from Canadian bacon. You also save on sodium compared to the original Egg McMuffin. Learn why the Egg McMuffin was almost rejected from the McDonald’s menu.

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