Rene Redzepi’s must read journal: Work in Progress

If you’ve wondered what went on behind the scenes at Noma, four-time winner of the “best restaurant in the world”, let Rene Redzepi take you there in his new insightful diary: A Work in Progress: A Journal published by Phaidon.

From the creative workings inside the head chef’s mind to the highs and lows that came with running a restaurant with such a huge amount of expectation riding on it, Redzepi put pen to paper offering all that personal insight and more.

Post-2011, Redzepi gives an honest 12-month “in the life of” account of the territory that came with running the cutting edge Copenhagen restaurant and the energy, team motivation and creative momentum that kept it there.

Left image: Stinging nettle, Urtica dioica.
Right image: Slowly Sautéed Celeriac and Truffle Sauce.

From milestone personal events, like having a second child, to the toll that the inclement Danish weather takes, it’s a journal peppered with humour and the warmth of team spirit.

However, it’s not all self-reflection. Fans will also get the chance to roll up their sleeves and cook. Twenty recipes close the book polished off with some incredible photography by Ditte Isager.  

The original Noma restaurant closed in 2016 to re-open with new Noma 2.0 in February 2018 complete with a garden, fermentation lab and a distinct seasonal menu.

“A Work in Progress” (first published in 2013) is now available for pre-order on Phaidon and publishes on 1 February 2019.

Left Image: Branches. 
Right Image: A Plateful of Flowers and Some Vinaigrette.


All images by Ditte Isager and courtesy of Phaidon

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