Paleolithic Diet – The Caveman's Way of Eating

A Paleolithic diet is a basic nutritional plan which involves the consumption of food which is not modified or degenerated. Fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meat is a part of the Paleo diet. Dairy products, legumes, sugars and grains are some of the food items excluded from it. This diet basically means going back to the caveman’s era or the era before the development of agriculture.

Science indicates that the increase in diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases is primarily due to the degenerated foods which we consume nowdays. The need of the hour is sticking to the basics and hence the Paleo diet has emerged as the best nutritional approach towards a healthy life. A paleo diet basically is concerned with being close to nature and consuming what we get directly from nature, like fruits, vegetables, sea food, lean meats and natural fats. This diet is also known as the caveman’s diet.

The question then arises that this diet provide complete nutrition. Of course it is a complete nutritional way of living and not a program for dieting. Sticking to a paleo diet means just avoiding any converted foods like sugar, frozen food s etc. Lean meats provide proteins which help the immune functions of the body and build the muscles and bones. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best source of vitamins and minerals which help the body from developing certain degenerative diseases. Fats are essential for the body but the processed ones can be harmful because the natural fats are included in a Paleo diet. Omega-3 fats reduce obesity, cholesterol and have affected the instances of diabetes too.

Some of the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle on human health are a balanced blood sugar level, fat burn, better sleep patterns, better skin tone and reduction in allergic reactions. In fact in many instances it is seen that a Paleo lifestyle reverses Type 2 diabetes and brings the blood pressure in control too.

In an interesting study made by Professor Loren Cordain it was seen that many diseases occurred due to the forced entry of many undigested food particles through the intestinal lining. Going on a Paleo diet decrees such situations as the food co-exists with the natural existence of human and hence it becomes very easy to digest such food.

The largest asset of this diet is the eviction of calorie charts as well as control in diet. The quantity can be unlimited but the critical factor is the eviction of sugars and other altered forms of natural foodstuff. Here there are no curbs with this diet as far as the quantity is concerned.

Although many dietitians are recommending this type of diet some claim it to be a controversial topic. The paleo diet is being coined as the latest craze among the people. As per some people the reduction of diseases is due to the lack of calories and other factors rather than the special diet. All in all the paleo diet can be said to be a way of living which brings people closer closer to nature and promotes good health in the process. The benefits are seen though the reason is not yet established.

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