New Kitchen Countertops? Here are the Pros and Con…

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Marble: Cons

Marble is both more expensive than granite and more vulnerable. It is particularly porous and with lighter shades, can be easily stained (something that doesn’t just go away). And wine, soda, coffee and similar liquids may all permanently damage marble, making it a labor-intensive fit for the kitchen.

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Soapstone: Pros

Soapstone is a more affordable—but still beautiful—stone material that has striking veins, and one of the more up-and-comping countertop options. It’s also naturally bacteria and stain resistant, making it an ideal fit for a new countertop in the kitchen. Soapstone has quickly grown to become an alternative to granite in the modern kitchen.

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Soapstone: Cons

Soapstone comes in many shades of gray, but doesn’t offer the many varied colors of granite. It’s also somewhat true to its name—soapstone is easier to scratch or gouge and requires upkeep to take care of any minor flaws.

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