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A brand new Michelin Guide Aichi-Gifu-Mie 2019 has been released listing 68 Michelin starrred restaurants in the three Japanese prefectures located on the coast.

Three restaurants have made the upper eschelons of three star status, sushi restaurant Komada in the Mie prefecture and Sushi Ueda and Hijikata, both located in the Aichi prefecture. A total of fourteen restaurants have received two Michelin stars wih the majority offering Japanese cuisine, two French cusine and one Chinese cuisine (listed below).

The guide also sees 51 restaurants enter with one Michelin star and 102 Bib Gourmand establishments, a recognition of a good meal with good value for under 5000 Yen. 

Japan already has a Michelin guide to Tokyo and Kyoto and Osaka.

Three Michelin star restaurants:

Sushi Ueda (右江田), Nagoya
Hijikata (土方), Nagoya
Komada (こま田), Ise

New Two Michelin Star restaurants:

Japanese restaurants:

Kaiseki Hachisen (懐石 八泉),Nagoya
Sekine (せき根), Nagoya
Hasshokan (八勝館) Nagoya
Myo-an (明庵), Nagoya
Yanagiya (柳家), Mizunami city
Ryoutei Susaki (料亭洲さき), Takayama city
Kaiseki Kamimura (懐石かみむら), Ise city
Kappou Nishimura (割烹西むら), Yokkaichi city

Sushi restaurants

Sushi Shunbi Nishikawa (鮨旬美西川) Nagoya
Sushi Hijikata (鮨土方), Nagoya 
Tempura Niitome (天風良にい留), East Nagoya 

French restaurants

La Vagabonde, Nagoya
Reminiscence, Nagoya

Chinese restaurant

Shosaichuka Hiro (小菜中華hiro), Gifu city 


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