Malaysia wins World Cup of Pastry 2019

Malaysia has won the 30th edition of the World Cup of Pastry 2019, which took place over two days on 27 and 28 January at the sidelines of Sirha, in Lyon. Pastry chefs Wei Loon Tan, Otto Tay and Ming Ai Loi now succeed the French team, who won the title in 2017.

The Japanese team, composed of Fumiaki Ito, Mirai Nishiyama and Ryohei Oguma won silver, while the Italian team of Lorenzo Puca, Maria Cortinovis and Andrea Restuccia took bronze.

This year, 21 teams from around the world competed for the most prestigious title in baking.

For this 30th edition, each team composed of three candidates, had 10 hours to make the following pieces:

– 3 chocolate desserts with Valrhona vintages
– 3 frozen fruit desserts from the Capfruit range 
– 19 desserts on a plate
– 1 artistic piece of sugar
– 1 artistic chocolate piece
– 1 artistic piece in carved ice

For the first time in the history of the World Pastry Cup, the dessert on the plate reflected the vegan trend.

This new edition was also an opportunity to educate candidates and spectators about biodiversity through the work of bees with the chocolate desserts including a mandatory biscuit made from honey. “We have found it useful to use the fame of the World Pastry Cup to mediate a cause as noble and essential as the defense of bees who are real sentinels of our environment”, underlined the President Philippe Rigollot during of the pre press conference on 19 January.

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