How to Fillet Sole fish: Watch Michelin Chefs Cook

We’ve covered a variety of seafood favourites in our Michelin chefs cook series, from lobster and crab to monkfish and scallops, and now we’re homing in on Dover sole.

This elegant flatfish is considered a stalwart of continental cooking. And while simple cooking is best to let it shine, it’s always best to check in with the experts to ensure you get it right first time.

To let its fresh and clean taste sing, it takes some simple yet accomplished cooking.

Here are five Michelin chefs showing how to give this Rolls Royce of fish the fine-tuned cooking that it deserves. From how to easily fillet sole fish to cooking the French classics like sole meuniere.

How to Cook Sole 

First up Adam Byatt cooks Dover sole baked in dashi butter with white beetroot, cauliflower and caviar.


Shaun Rankin sous vide’s Dover sole with fish pie flavours and foraged herbs, finished with a scallop cream.


Clare Smyth from two Michelin starred Core in London cooks a very light dish of Dover sole with a minestrone of shellfish and sea vegetables. Tip – watch out for the ingenious tip to remove the skin easily.


Eric Ripert from Le Bernardin shows Martha Stewart classic French technique with sole Meuniere.


Gordon Ramsay cooks up a delicious Dover sole on the bone with a brown shrimp butter for a decadent and quick supper recipe.

Find the recipe here.


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