How to Cook Halibut: Filleting and Recipes

Halibut is the largest of the flat fish, it can reach up to 2.5 meters long, weigh up to 300 kg and can live until its 40 years old! Impressive credentials, but what does this mean when it comes to learning how to cook halibut? We take a closer look at this catch of the day.

Halibut is a white firm fleshed fish which is both tasty and nutritionally rich and suited to cooking in a number of ways, from steaming to deep frying. It’s also very lean, meaning it’s a low-calorie meat, with many proteins and no carbohydrates.

Two varieties are known:

Pacific halibut

Widespread in North American waters from Alaska to Oregon and off the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

Atlantic Halibut

The Atlantic halibut lives off the coast of Newfoundland, going south to Massachusetts, as well as to the waters of Greenland, Iceland, the British Isles and Scandinavia.

How to Fillet A Halibut

Watch the experts at ChefSteps show how to fillet and portion a full size halibut ready to cook into a number of recipes:

How to Cook Halibut in Tasty Recipes

Halibut’s delicate flesh lends itself to a variety of recipes, whether deep fried, cooked with spices. Here are a few flavours to get you started:

Crab Stuffed Halibut

Discover this tasty recipe from chef Naomi Everett from Alaska for crab stuffed halibut.

Roasted Halibut with Fresh Snails and Barley

Watch Gordon Ramsay Pan roast halibut

Watch Ramsay add some spice in this Tandoori Halibut with Raita Recipe

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