Can the Best Canned Chili Compete with Homemade?

We love chili, but making it can be a labor of love. Find out if the best canned chili is a good substitute for your go-to homemade recipe.

There’s no doubt about it: A good chili is one of our favorite comfort foods. However, we know that many comfort foods—like biscuits, cakes and marinara sauce—all take a bit of extra time to make. That’s why we often turn to store-bought versions to help us on busy weeknights.

At Taste of Home, we’ve already found our favorite versions of those comfort classics I mentioned (you can check them all out here), but we were curious about chili. Could we find a canned version that would satisfy us when time is tight?

We hit up our local grocery store and bought every chili we could find. Here’s what we found:

  • Amy’s Organic
  • Campbell’s Chunky
  • Chilli Man
  • Hormel
  • ShurFine
  • Skyline Chili
  • Stagg
  • Wolf Brand

Let’s see how they ranked in our blind taste test.
Taste of Home

Honorable Mention: Amy’s Organic Medium Chili

Score: 5.4/10

If you like a bean-forward chili, you might want to grab Amy’s Organic. This chili was packed with beans which was a pro for many testers (others preferred fewer beans). Testers enjoyed the spices and seasonings in this chili, though they thought it was on the mild side.

$2.99 for a 14.7-ounce can; available at grocers nationwide.

Taste of Home

Runner-Up: Chilli Man Chili with Beans

Score: 6/10

With its muddy texture, Chilli Man didn’t gain any points when it came to appearance—some testers didn’t much care for its looks—but it got good scores for flavor. This chili was full of savory flavor and spices. Folks really enjoyed the extra dose of cumin this brand packed. This spice gave the chili a nice smoky flavor that kept testers going back for more. The chili itself was a bit on the thin side, though, so you may want to bulk it up with extra beef or beans if you have them on hand.

$1.59 for a 15-ounce can; available at grocers nationwide.

Taste of Home

Best in Show: Wolf Brand Chili with Beans

Score: 6.7/10

Our favorite chili in this test came from Wolf Brand. It gave us the right balance of savory beef and pork flavors, plus beans and spice. Folks enjoyed the smoky chili taste along with a hint of garlic (garlic lovers, try out these recipes). Wolf Brand felt substantial with a good consistency—something that was difficult to find in the other competitors. This brand would be our go-to on a camping trip or to even use to make this quick chili dip or chili dogs.

$1.79 for a 15-ounce can; available at select grocers nationwide.

Taste of Home

The Bottom Line

After testing eight brands of chili and finding a promising option in Wolf Brand, testers agreed: When you can make it, homemade chili is best hands down. If you’re in need of a quick lunch at work or something to top your chili dogs, our favorite brands here would work just fine. However, if you’re craving chili quick, we’d recommend these quick chili recipes instead—many of which can be made in about a half hour.

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