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Chicken Angara gets it’s name smoky Aroma flavours of the gravy, that’s unique and authentic recipe’s compare To others chicken recipe’s.
Chicken 🐔 Angara is a spicy 🌶 dishes which is very powerful smokey flavour, and also with the food 🥘 having own taste like smoke in the marinade chicken,
Pouring butter on burning coal piece with cloves, the infusion of charcoal smoky flavour chicken curry..

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Recipes of the day-:)

Very famous all over India 🇮🇳 call Murgh Anagara

Step-1-Make anagara masala
Green cardamom-10pcs
Big cardamom-1pcs
Black pepper-1tbs
Mace-2small pices
Dry red chilli 🌶 -8pcs
Bay leaf-4pcs
Cinnamon stick-3pcs
Coriander seed-1tbs
Cumin seed-1tbs
Roast for 2 minuets and make a fine powder

Step-2-Marinate the chicken.
Salt-to taste
Turmeric powder-half tbs
Kashmiri Chilli powder-1tbs
Garam masala (Angara)-1tbs
Ginger garlic paste-2tbs
Yoghurt-1 small bowl
Brown onion-2tbs
Tomato paste-5 no’s big
Then mix nicely 👍
Step-3 Give Smoked in the marinated chicken with cloves flavour

Cooking 🥘 method-/:)

1.oil in the pan 100ml
2.hit the oil and add marinade chicken in it
3.cooked on high flame 🔥 5minutes then cook on slow flame 🔥
4.once Chicken cooked add some fresh coriander in it

Step-5 same process for smoke
For garnish-chop coriander/Ginger Julienne

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