8 Benefits of Cinnamon Tea for Your Health

Do you add cinnamon to your tea? You should! It makes for a spicy cup that tastes great, and there are so many health benefits of cinnamon tea, too.

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Fight Inflammation

Inflammation can wreak havoc on your body in many different forms, from causing aches, pains and irritation to more serious chronic conditions. Soothe your body and relax with the anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon.

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Get More Youthful Skin

Your skin will thank you for drinking cinnamon tea! Its antioxidants ward off free radicals that cause aging, and the spice also promotes blood flow, assisting new cell turnover that keeps your skin looking radiant and young. You can also mix ground cinnamon with yogurt to boost these effects, creating an easy exfoliating mask.

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Boost Your Metabolism

It’s not a miracle weight-loss cure, but adding cinnamon tea to your diet can kick-start your metabolism for the day. Cinnamon contains manganese, which helps your body metabolize proteins and carbohydrates. Adding one teaspoon of regular ground cinnamon to your daily tea will give you 20% of your daily value of manganese!

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