73 Recipes from Gluten free to Vegan

Super Bowl Sunday is on its way! When the USA comes to a halt for the day as families and friends come together to celebrate one of the country’s most popular sporting events of the year.

Whether you’re glued to the TV screen rooting for your favourite team with a small gathering in the living room or hosting a huge super bowl party, you’ll need some inspiring and delicious food to keep up your energies! Both easy enough to prepare in advance and to eat with your hands.

With that in mind we’ve collated all of our best super bowl party food ideas to give you all the recipe freedom you need, both sweet and savoury, from vegetarian to juicy burgers – check out the recipes to make your super bowl party a winner.

Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

15 Winning Appetisers for Super Bowl

Looking for simple and tasty appetisers to feed a large crowd? You’ll find everything from elegant seafood starters to casual avocado dips and classics like crunchy fried spring rolls, chicken wings and more in this handy selecion. 

Discover all the appetiser recipes you need here.

7 Gluten Free Appetisers for feeding a crowd

From baked chips and dips to zesty pickles and seafood, the following recipes offer a little something for everyone. Be sure to have plenty of veggies, cheeses and fruit around to accompany these fine treats. 

Find all the crowd pleasing gluten free appetisers you need here.

5 Delicious and Crispy finger foods to eat while watching the match

 What better than to watch the game while indulging in finger foods that have taken a dip in the deep fryer? If you’d like to host the ultimate Super Bowl feast, here are some crispy delicious finger foods everyone will love, from vegetable pakora to spring rolls.

Find the best fried finger food recipes here.

5 Gourmet Super Bowl Ideas

Japanese chicken wings, avocado with gorgonzola and baked mussels will be the talk of your super bowl party.

Discover how to make the most gourmet recipes here.

4 Homemade Chips and Dips Recipe

No game day would be complete without a great big bowl of homemade chips and dips to snack on during those tense match moments. 

From sweet potato to pumpkin, find all the homemade chips and dips recipes you need here.

14 Super Bowl Burger Recipes

Game day can be hungry work! and what better way to reward that hunger than with a big juicy burger. Take your pick of lamb, beef or chicken and go to town on your relishes and fillings.

Discover all the super bowl burger recipe ideas here.

8 Vegan Super Bowl food Ideas

These vegan football snacks are just the thing to munch on while everyone’s eyes are glued to the television on Super Bowl Sunday. Take your pick among touchdown-worthy bites like vegan cheese, homemade chips, dips and other crispy treats guaranteed to be a hit with the gang.

Discover all the recipes you need here.

5 Vegetarian SuperBowl recipe ideas

Ricotta crepes, halloumi fritters, veggie burgers and more will mean even your meat loving friends won’t go hungry with these flavourful recipes.

Discover how to deliver a vegetarian superbowl party here.

6 Superbowl food ideas for meat lovers

Ok, so there are some guest that will never be convinced to go meatless. Here are some real crowd pleasing meaty treats, like chili con carne, chicken wings, pulled pork buns, empanadas and more. 

Discover all the recipes you need here.

4 Gluten Free SuperBowl Recipes

From gluten free cupcakes to gluten free pecan pie, whip up a batch of cakes, set them down and watch them fly off the table.

Discover the sweet gluten free super bowl recipes you need here.

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