7 Surprising Foods You Can Bring on a Plane (and 6…

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Yes: Alcohol

Those mini liquor bottles are well under the TSA’s 100-milliliter limit, so you’re free to take one onboard with you—though, or your sake and the sake of everyone around you, we beg you not to down them during your flight. Maybe take advantage of the five liters of liquor you’re allowed in your checked bag instead. Oh, but there is an exception to the rule …

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No: High-alcohol liquor

Drinks with more than 70 percent alcohol are never allowed on a plane—not even in a mini bottle or in your checked bag. The Federal Aviation Administration isn’t trying to kill your buzz, but alcohol is flammable, so a high liquor content could be a safety hazard.

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No: Tub of creamy cheese

If you want to bring creamy cheese, the TSA says you’ll have to stick with the “3-1-1” rule of a 3.4-ounce container that fits in a one-quart bag, with one bag per passenger. But they don’t get specific on where the line is drawn between creamy cheese (3.4-ounce limit) and solid cheese (always allowed). We’d guess Brie is OK but spread for your bagel is not. By the way, did you know that making bagels is way easier than you might think?

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