|2/52 – weightless watchers|

|2/52 - weightless watchers|

EXPLORED Jan 10, 2011

ISO 200, 50 mm, f/4,5, 1/200 Sek

The second entry for my 52 weeks project. After all the weight we put on during the past holidays, I think it’s time to diet! ^^

Did I ever mention that I hate to align the lighting of different objects when it comes to composing? That’s the reason why I try to photograph the objects in the exact same lighting conditions. And that’s the reason why the plate was fixed to a tripod and the apple was hung up on a cord from the ceiling. You now may officially call me crazy. Or editing-lazy that is *g* I’m starting to get comfortable with my brand new Wacom tablet though…

Please press "L" to enjoy!

Strobist info: Two flagged LumoPro LP120 at 1/8 power from back left and right for rim. One Nissin Di866 at 1/8 power with a honeycomb grid and a green filter gel pointed at the gray background behind me. One Yongnuo YN560 at 1/8 power shot into a Westcott reflective umbrella from high front left. All flashes were fired by a Cactus V4 radio trigger. Camera was triggered by a Cactus V5.

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