12 Recipes Inspired by Bond, James Bond

You already know James Bond enjoys a good martini, but he’s also savored delicious meals over the years. Here are the most notable.

actor Daniel Craig attends the Germany premiere of James Bond 007 movie "Skyfall" at the Theater am Potsdamer Platz on October 30, 2012 in Berlin, GermanyPiotr Zajac/Shutterstock

James Bond has been gracing the silver screen for 57 years, treating us to that signature suit, gravely voice and hilariously repeatable one-liners. He’s well-known for his drink preferences, but we’re here to shine light on some of the more memorable meals from over the years.

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Scrambled Eggs

Here’s your first fun piece of Bond trivia—did you know scrambled eggs is his favorite meal? So much so that author Ian Fleming wrote Bond’s own recipe of choice in his short story “007 in New York.” We think he’d like our super fluffy scrambled eggs.

Get the recipe here.

Clam Chowder

In A View to a Kill, Bond shares a seafood meal in the Eiffel Tower with a gentleman doomed to death by butterfly (no, seriously). We see the man enjoy a hot bowl of clam chowder before his untimely demise, and honestly we’d like to make Bond a bowl of this Traditional New England Clam Chowder to lift his spirits.

Get the recipe here.

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