11 Food Companies That Donate to Charity

Make a difference from your kitchen pantry. These food companies are dedicated to improving the world we live in, with missions from environmental sustainability to fighting child hunger.

King Arthur FlourKing Arthur Flour via facebook.com

King Arthur Flour

This 100% employee-owned flour company is all about giving back to its communities. Each year, every employee is given 40 paid hours to use for volunteer work. King Arthur also funds Bake for Kids, where school children learn the skills and science behind baking and are given the materials to bake two loaves of whole wheat bread, one of which is donated to a local hunger-relief program. And, their MELT grilled cheese competition at their flagship location—appropriately named Camelot—raises funds for a heating assistance program in its community of Norwich, Vermont.

Put your culinary skills to good work! These volunteer opportunities are a perfect match for your cooking prowess.

Newman's OwnNewman’s Own via facebook.com

Newman’s Own

Since 1982, Newman’s Own has run its business based on co-founder Paul Newman’s now-famous words when seeing the company’s first year’s profits: “Let’s give it all away to those who need it.” While the company began as a salad dressing enterprise, it now sells everything from pizza to pet food, and 100% of its profits go to charities. Over the years, that amounts to $450 million. Learn why we chose Newman’s Own salsa over top competitors.

Newman’s Own also has its own projects, like Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, which started in 1988 as a place for children with life-limiting conditions to “raise a little hell” and just be kids. The camp has since evolved into SeriousFun Children’s Network, which is free to attendees and has served more than 730,000 children and families.

Annie's HomegrownAnnie’s Homegrown via facebook.com

Annie’s Homegrown

Rooted in founder Annie Withy’s belief that a business can be socially conscious and successful, this company is known for its delicious mac and cheese, as well as its commitment to giving back. Annie’s has donated over $2.5 million in the last six years to its partnering organizations, like FoodCorps and Feeding America. It also has a grant program for school gardens, and scholarships for college and graduate students studying organic and regenerative agriculture.

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