10 Minute Garlic Green Beans

Garlic Green Beans that are ready in just 10 minutes and cooked stovetop. They seriously couldn’t be easier to make and have so much flavor.
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These simple Garlic Green Beans are made with just three simple ingredients – fresh green beans, butter, and garlic and take just 10 minutes to make. They are delicious with this Blackened Salmon or Baked Chicken Cutlets.

It’s hard to beat perfectly cooked green beans. They have so much flavor, are easy and fast to prepare, and can be seasoned in a million different ways. And when it comes to veggie side dishes, they are one of those simple recipes you will end up using all the time. 

Now let’s talk about what these green beans are not for a minute. These are definitely not the overly steamed or mushy green beans you may have had in the past. These sauteed green beans are bright green, tender-crisp, and still have that signature snap of a fresh green bean. They also have tons of flavor from being cooked in butter and garlic. They are delicious. 

To keep this recipe quick and easy, you may want to buy green beans that are already trimmed. This will save you time trimming and cleaning the green beans. You can also trim your green beans 1-2 days in advance and keep them in an airtight container in the fridge for faster weeknight meal prep.

How do you pick green beans?

When picking fresh green beans, always start by looking for beans that are bright green with no brown or yellow spots. The skin should be smooth without wrinkles or soft spots. Small to medium size green beans also tend to have more flavor and are generally less stringy. Lastly, you can test a green bean by breaking it in half. It should make a snapping. Finally, don’t be scared to taste the raw green bean. It should be slightly sweet with lots of crunch.

What are the health benefits of green beans?

Green beans are a great healthy vegetable that is lower in calories, sugar, and packed with vitamins and minerals. In terms of nutritional information, green beans have 31 calories per cup with 2.7 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein, and 3.6 grams of sugar. Green beans are also low FODMOPS food, meaning that they are easier to digest and generally safe for people with digestive troubles. They do not cause excessive gas or bloating. Additionally, green beans are a good source of folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, manganese, calcium, and more.

Green beans with garlic in a pan with lemon slices on a blue napkin.

Can I use frozen green beans?

Frozen green beans will work, especially when it is hard to find fresh. Just skip the first step of the recipe where you steam the green beans in the pan. Add the frozen green beans right to the butter and be careful not to overcook them. Frozen green beans turn from tender crisp to mushy really quickly.

Recipes Ideas for Garlic Green Beans

  • Make them spicy by adding red pepper flakes along with the garlic. Add just a touch for a little spice or a lot to make them really spicy.
  • Adding some fresh lemon juice and lemon zest is a great way to add some brightness.
  • Everything bagel seasoning is popping up everywhere and it is really delicious on these simple sauteed garlic green beans.
  • Add your favorite spice to kick up the flavor. Try Italian seasoning, thyme, oregano, cumin, or lemon pepper.
  • Replace the butter with bacon. Saute a few pieces of center cut bacon and remove once crispy. Cook the green beans and garlic in the leftover bacon grease.
  • Add some crunch with slivered almonds or chopped pecans. 
  • Try these Parmesan Green Beans or Balsamic Green Beans and Mushrooms for another twist.
  • If you like blistered and browned green beans, skip the water. Instead, add the green beans to the hot pan and let them cook for 2-3 minutes without moving them so they brown. Then stir and continue to cook in one place. Add the garlic once they are just about done so it doesn’t burn.

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