सेहत और स्वाद का अनूठा मेल है धनिया चिकन | Dhaniya…

Today’s recipe of mine is delicious and very beneficial for our health.So I am presenting this healthy dish of Dhaniya Chicken.As we all know the nutrition value of chicken includes amount of protein in adequate amount which is good for our health but when we mix chicken and coriander leaves together the benefit of both doubles the nutrition value of this dish.Talking more about coriander leaves, it is an antioxidant which is very beneficial for our eyes.it also contains vitamin C which reduces the value of bad cholesterol and increases the value of good cholesterol in our system, Vitamin A prevents us from lung and cavity cancer,So whenever we mix coriander leaves in any of your dishes it gives us some benefit either ways.

This dish is real easy to cook,the ingredient used in this recipe can easily be found in our kitchen It’s altogether a new taste for chicken lovers with healthy benefits in abundant.

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